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It’s great to be able to help people often when they are at the lowest point in their lives and to be able to offer solutions to problems that they might have thought were not even possible.

Started as a trainee in 2005 and qualified in 2007. I specialise in all areas of family law including: care proceedings, divorce, financial matters and children disputes.

I like the fact that all cases are different and because they are so important to the people involved it is very satisfying to be able to help a client achieve the result that they want. Whether that means securing a fair financial settlement, agreeing an arrangement for their children or helping them to work with social services to secure the return of their children to their care.

I enjoy the variety of work and the fact that each day is different from the last. I like being able to spend time in the office working on cases one minute and the next minute having to go out to court to represent a client in an emergency application. The job requires commitment and the ability to care about each and every client and their case.

I like having the ability to guide a client through whichever legal process they are facing and hopefully assisting them in coming out the other side in the best way possible.

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