Social Services and Care Proceedings

The involvement of social services with any family is stressful and daunting. There is often confusing information and advice from family and friends about what approach to take, what might happen and when.

Social workers may become involved because of concerns that the child is being neglected, abused or has suffered an un-explained injury. There will perhaps be meetings that you are asked to attend: Child Protection Conferences, Core Groups, PLO meetings. The list can be endless and daunting.

It is important to get specialist legal advice from the outset, legal aid is available, in some circumstances (for PLO meetings or court proceedings) regardless of your financial circumstances.

Our solicitors are all experts in this area of law; we have solicitors who are accredited specialists by the Law Society as members of the Children Panel.
We can advise you throughout, attend PLO meetings with you and if there are court proceedings represent you. These matters can have serious and long term consequence; it can result in children being placed into care. It is essential that you get expert legal advice from the outset.

If there are court proceedings these can often happen quickly, sometimes with only a few hours warning, we can arrange emergency legal aid and act quickly to represent you. There is more information here about court proceedings, the steps involved and the potential outcome.

If you find you and your children involved with a social worker and social services contact us straight away to arrange a consultation. We can advise you about legal aid and the steps that you should be taking.

To speak to one of our specialist solicitors please contact us on 0161 429 7251 or [email protected] to arrange an appointment.

We also operate on out of hours service so that we can assist you in relation to very urgent matters. Our out of hours telephone number is 07837124732.

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