Lawyer Supported Mediation

Higgins Miller is an Official Provider of Lawyer Supported Mediation – a new approach for resolving financial and children issues arising from separation. We are part of a local group of lawyers and mediators specialising in the approach.

In our opinion, it is the ideal choice for separating partners who, although in disagreement want to avoid the expense of more costly lawyer-led proceedings. This service combines price certainty with fixed fee legal advice to help you reach a binding settlement.

When setting your fixed fee, we will take into account your specific requirements and financial circumstances. We will then provide you with a full cost estimate including a provisional fixed legal fee and guide to the price of mediation.

When the Lawyer Supported Mediation is used, lawyers work in partnership with an independent mediator to provide you with the legal advice and documentation you need to support mediation.

We believe Lawyer Supported Mediation combines the best of both worlds: one of our team of expert family lawyers for the advice you need PLUS a fully trained family mediator to help you reach an agreement that we – as lawyers – consider fair in accordance with what you are entitled to by law.

Moreover, the latest government statistics tell us that of all those who attempt family mediation, over 70% go on to reach agreement.

To find out more about Lawyer-Supported Mediation, please call our Family Team on 0161 4297251

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