Elisabeth Karlowski

I enjoy meeting different people with varying backgrounds and issues that need to be resolved.

I started as a trainee solicitor in 2003, qualified in 2005. I specialise in Family Law including Children, Childcare, Divorce and separation.

I qualified into a predominantly criminal firm. However within a short time I moved to a practice that dealt solely with Family Law. I made this decision as I had spent some time at a Family Firm of Solicitors during my training contact and felt that I gained a greater sense of job satisfaction in being able to help people going through one of the most difficult and traumatic times they may experience in their lives following a relationship breakdown or dealing with matters when at risk of losing their children.

Every client has their own unique experiences and it’s a challenge and essential and to be able to adapt to any given situation.

Being able to provide realistic advice to clients to achieve the best possible outcome to their troubles and to support them through what is often a very emotional and strained period of time to make difficult and sometimes life changing decisions.

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