Collaborative Law

Collaborative law is a relatively new and innovative way of dealing with divorce and civil partnership dissolution. It involves both parties instructing a specially trained collaborative family lawyer and then instead of resolving matters through court you would attend a series of meetings with your lawyers present to reach a mutually beneficial agreement. The basis of these meetings is an agreement between all concerned that no applications to court will be made or threatened.

Clients often find that a collaborative approach benefits them when they have children and therefore have an ongoing link. By avoiding a traditional court “battle” separating couples can take control of their own situation and come up with a solution that allows them to remain civil and respectful of one another both at the time of separation and into the future.

Collaborative law is quite similar to mediation but it differs from the mediation process because both you and your partner would be able to reach agreements and compromises with the security of your own lawyers being present giving you peace of mind that any agreement you are entering into is appropriate for you.

Sarah Miller is an accredited collaborative lawyer. For an appointment with Sarah to discuss your options or for more information on collaborative law please contact us.

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