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The Family Law Advice we Provide

Here at Higgins miller we dispense family law advice on a wide range of topics. The fact that we specialise in family law advice means that we understand the need to treat clients with sympathy and sensitivity at the same time as guiding them through various legal processes with clarity and certainty. We always go […]

Adoption by a Relative

Higgins Miller is a law firm, based in Stockport, which specialises in handling cases of family law. We are experts in cases which deal with highly sensitive matters such as wills and probate, divorce and children disputes. That means combining our legal expertise with a commitment to dealing with clients in a sympathetic and supportive […]

Make Sure You Get Your Divorce Financial Settlement Right

When a marriage breaks down the ramifications take many different forms. Depending on the specific circumstances, and whether there’s any possibility of an ongoing amicable relationship, the emotional impact is likely to be matched by the practical implications and also the financial fallout. As specialists in family law, the team at Higgins Miller has wide […]

The Fast-Track Option of Foster Care Adoption

Here at Higgins Miller we specialise in dealing with matters of family law. That means we have to demonstrate legal expertise in matters such as divorce, wills and probate and children disputes. It also requires a degree of sensitivity on our part, and this is particularly the case when helping clients who are working through […]

Brief Marriage – Equal Division of assets in divorce

A Court of Appeal ruling today means that couples who have experienced a short marriage are no longer entitled to an equal Division of assets in divorce. Energy trader Julie Sharp has won an appeal to reduce the payout that her ex-husband receives, her successful argument being that a short marriage should not equal half of […]

Easing a Path through the Probate Process

One of the most difficult aspects of the death of someone close to you is the fact that, on top of the emotional impact, there are so many practical and bureaucratic issues which have to be dealt with. Chief amongst these is handling the probate process, and the complexity is such that it is vital […]

What is Involved in Updating A Will?

Writing a will is something which many people put off for as long as possible, presumably because it reminds them of their own mortality. Here at Higgins Miller, however, we’ve seen, time and time again, the chaos that can be caused when somebody dies without setting down exactly how they wish the estate they leave […]

The How and Why of Granting Lasting Power of Attorney

The power of attorney is a phrase which describes a legal mechanism whereby a person nominates another person to handle their affairs in the event that they are no longer able to do so. There are numerous reasons why you may find yourself in this position. It could be caused by an accident, disability or […]

Why the Advice of Probate Solicitors Could be Vital

The work we do as probate solicitors plays a small but significant part in easing the pain and distress caused by the loss of a loved one. Whilst the greatest impact of such a loss is bound to be emotional, there’s no escaping the practical and bureaucratic issues which arise. Dealing with the estate which […]

Child Arrangements Order

For any couple separating after a period spent together, there are bound to be a large number of complex issues which need to be settled. For many couples, these will centre upon financial matters, such as the division of assets including income, pensions and the family home. In other cases the separation might lead to […]

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