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Extended family carers

We often deal with cases where, for whatever reason, children cannot continue to be brought up by their parents and extended family members step in to care for them instead.  Such people are known as Kinship Carers. The benefit of this for the child is that they are able to remain within their birth family […]

Legal aid

An independent panel has published a report into the repercussions of a future without legal aid. The panel was made up of people with no vested interest in legal aid and included a former liberal democrat MP, the Cannon of Westminster Abbey and the assistant general secretary of the trade union Unite. They heard evidence […]

Domestic violence against men

We at Higgins Miller deal with clients on a regular basis who have been victims of domestic violence. We are able to offer fast solutions to those in need of help in often very difficult home situations. These clients are almost always female. Despite this some new research has shown that violence by women towards […]

Justice for All

The Government has proposed some radical changes to legal aid which we at Higgins Miller simply don’t agree with. We believe that the proposals would leave many of our clients simply unable to access legal advice at difficult times in their lives. This is unacceptable as it discriminates against people who cannot afford to pay […]

Our new team members

We are pleased to introduce the newest members of our team Alfie and Sophie Higgins who have been at the office working hard!  

Unmarried couples

Currently the law in England and Wales is very different as it applies to married and unmarried couples who wish to separate. If a married couple separates the court will look at a range of factors in determining how money and property should be divided. However, for co-habiting couples the law simply says that property […]

Royal wedding – has Kate signed a prenup agreement?

With the Royal wedding fast approaching debate has arisen as to whether or not Kate Middleton has signed a pre-nuptial agreement. Prince William is thought to be worth over $40million and as such will have to consider very carefully how he would protect his assets if his marriage were to fail. William’s own parents famously […]

A Day in the Life of a Family Lawyer

Ever wondered what we actually do all day at Higgins Miller? The Guardian has recently published an article after one of their journalists spent a day with a family lawyer doing legal aid work and we think it paints a pretty realistic picture.

Legal Aid Debate

The debate about legal aid continues and was featured on the One show recently. The Law Society are continuing their Sound Off for Justice Campaign and are looking for people willing to share their stories about how legal aid has helped them. If you would be interested in doing this please contact us and we […]

Children and Divorce

An article in today’s Daily Mail suggests that children of divorced parents are likely to suffer psychological problems during their childhood and as a result will be less successful adults. At Higgins Miller we don’t agree that a divorce or relationship breakdown has to lead to such problems for children. We firmly believe that parents […]

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